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From micro mini bags to big bags that hold it all, these trends are the must-buy purses for spring.

The days of conservative bags are behind us, ladies, so start transferring your essentials over to a purse with a big dose of character. This year it’s all about vivid colors and maximalist details—but in structured shapes.


Here, six handbag trends for 2017 that pack a punch.

The bold shoulder bag

Get ready for a whole lot of stand-out patterns and pop-art motifs. So if you’re stumped while picking out a new bag, just think: What would Warhol do?

The circle crossbody bag

A sturdy round bag takes the graphic trend you’ll see in prints and incorporates it into the shape itself. Consider it the only acceptable way to wear an all black bag for the next 12 months (at least).


The leather flap bag

This resurged classic bag is feminine and functional, and now it’s updated with flashy hardware and unique colors (sunshine yellow and candy pink are particularly popular for this year).


The micro mini bag

Last year’s mini bag shrinks to an even smaller size this year, so now might be a good time to learn to travel light. As in, one-lipstick, one-credit-card light.


The colorful carryall shopper bag

But if you can’t handle that kind of pressure, just dump everything you have into the biggest purse you can find—just not your conservative black leather tote of yore. We’re talking flowers, stripes, studs, anything that makes a (very loud) statement.


The bag that looks like anything but

Designers let their inner child run wild this year and have crafted their bags to look more like toys than actual purses. Consider it a nod to your very first pink fuzzy kitty cat purse, just a little more chic.

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